How long does it take to break a window with security film

If you’re a business owner or an extremely cautious resident, you’d want your commercial space or home to be well-protected. Iron grills aren’t the only safety precaution you would employ, you would also want your glass windows to be protected as well.

Metro Tint, being one of the best shops in the United States to offer professional window services, has got the answer for you. Not only do they have window tinting, decorative window filming, and anti-graffiti filming, they also have the next best thing to bulletproof glass: security film.


The short answer is three minutes. That’s more than enough for someone to see the perpetrator trying to break in, and enough time to call the cops.

The long answer is this: since a window with security film doesn’t shatter, it also makes the glass hard to break. It’s an added layer of protection to your CCTV cameras and your iron grills, and what’s good about it is that it’s practically invisible.


Metro Tint tells us that if you’re a business owner who likes their privacy, their security film has privacy options. You can have it tinted well enough even if somebody tries to peer in your windows. It also has the capacity to reduce sunlight, thus protecting your equipment and your flooring from solar damage.

If you’re a homemaker who wants that extra layer of protection for your house, Metro Tint also has the residential option for you. Since windows with security film are basically shatter-proof, it may break, but the strong adhesive holds the pieces in place. It’ll be less dangerous especially if there are children or pets around since there won’t be any broken pieces on the floor.

Security film doesn’t just protect your windows, they can be quite decorative too. You will not be wondering anymore about how long does it take to break a window with security film, and how it would affect your home aesthetic.

For anyone else worrying about tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires, since windows with security film are shatter-proof, they won’t have those nasty, jagged pieces of broken glass on the floor, allowing people inside the buildings to escape.


Metro Tint offers a free estimate for your business place or your home, and once you’ve decided, they also offer a comprehensive quote that would fit your budget. With almost three decades of experience and hefty credentials, they are more than capable of producing your window needs.

They use 3M, which is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to adhesives. If you’ve used 3M tapes, super glue, and other similar products in your office or home, and has always been satisfied, you can be sure that Metro Tint will give you that same level of satisfaction, even more.

You may find it a little expensive at first, but when an intruder breaks in unsuccessfully, you’ll thank yourself for the wise investment.

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