Are Bulletproof Windows Shatterproof

The recent increase in cases of burglary and insecurity has prompted many homeowners to rethink their security measures. Many people are looking for more ways to safeguard their homes and property.

While looking for enhanced security measures and installations, you may come across various options. One of them is bulletproof windows. You may ask yourself various questions to understand this installation, including are bulletproof windows shatterproof?

This post will help you answer this question.


First, there is no such thing as bulletproof windows. There is only bullet-resistant windows/glass. We use this term because with concentrated effort and enough time or big enough caliber bullets, one can overcome the “indestructibility” of “bulletproof” glass. The durability and strength of bullet-resistant windows depend on the final product’s thickness and production.

There are three types of bullet-resistant glass:

* ACRYLIC: This material is hard and transparent. Acrylic with a thickness of over an inch is bullet resistant. Acrylic is lighter, more robust, and more impact-resistant than glass.

* POLYCARBONATE: This type of plastic differs from acrylic in various ways. It is a soft, strong, and versatile plastic. It is lighter than acrylic, making it easier to use. The installation crew can combine several layers to make a bullet-resistant window that absorbs the bullet’s energy, preventing it from exiting on the other side.

* GLASS-CLAD POLYCARBONATE BULLET-RESISTANT GLASS: This bullet-resistant glass combines various materials to make the desired product. Manufacturers laminate a polycarbonate material between ordinary glass and mold the product through a heating and cooling procedure. While the result resembles glass, it is thicker and more robust.

The window’s thickness is essential to its ability to resist bullets. Bullet-resistant windows remain intact after a bullet or round of bullets. You may need a thicker window to stop more bullets or powerful firearms. The glass might break as it wears out after stopping several bullets.

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