Are Bulletproof Windows Worth It

Are bulletproof windows worth it? Security is not only the concern of governments around the world. Many private individuals are becoming increasingly concerned about personal protection.

Thanks to new technology, the cost of bulletproof windows has come down in the last ten years. More and more people are having them installed in their homes.

Are Bulletproof Windows Worth It For Your Home?

Protecting your family has never been more important. Home invasions along with violent crime is on the increase and we all worry about our homes.

If you have a nice collection of antiques or valuable home décor items, you may also want to consider bulletproof windows. Not only do they prevent bullets from entering your home, they also help to reduce the risk of a home invasion.

Are Bulletproof Windows Expensive?

Yes, they are more expensive to install, but there are different ways of looking at the cost of bulletproof windows.

Let your home insurance company know that you have installed bulletproof windows and you will probably be offered a discount. Most home insurance companies encourage homeowners to invest in home security by offering discounts. It lowers risk and is an important of the insurance industry.

Bulletproof windows will also add value to your home. Many home buyers are concerned with security and may ask what home security measures that you have in place. Bulletproof window will tick most buyers boxes.

Do All Window Companies Supply Bulletproof Windows?

No, not all window companies supply genuine bulletproof windows. According to leading supplier Metro Tint Texas, it is best to check the certification before you accept any offer of installation.

Shatterproof windows do not offer the same protection as bulletproof windows. It is important to be aware of the difference when you are thinking about investing in home security or new windows for your home.

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