Does Tinting Reduce Heat

Does tinting reduce heat?

The quick answer is Yes. It reduces the intrusion of thermal rays into the interior areas of your building and therefore heat doesn’t go in. The effectiveness of tint is one reason why you should contact top tint suppliers and contractors in Texas like Metro Tint Texas to service your structural tinting needs.

How much heat is being reduced?

Depending on the temperature and location of your place such as Dallas, you get as high as 80 percent heat reduction with an effective tint installed into place. And don’t worry about visibility because the tints of Metro Tint Texas still let’s you clearly see what’s going on outside.

The average heat that’s being blocked by curtains or blinds are minimal compared to tint. They only provide a cooling effect up to the window that they cover and only lower the temperature by about 2 degrees Celsius. Effective tint supplied and installed by Metro Tint Texas greatly reduces the ambient temperature of the whole room and affects positively the comfort level of both clients and employees.

The fact that a simple piece of thin film could manage temperature levels seems surprising, but there are scientific reasons on how window tint can keep your interiors feeling cool and comfortable while the external surroundings are searing hot.

The film itself is made of polyester. And some films have a thin layer of colored dye and metal pieces that line on the top level of the film. These layers of film block thermal energy from the sun while also allowing minimal light to shine through.

But Metro Tint Texas has available window film tint with nano carbon ceramic technology. It combines ceramic and carbon components to provide both high level of heat rejection and maximum coloring. And in spite of this heat blockage, you can still see clearly what’s happening on the outside. And this new type of window tint will serve you for several years.

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